Breakaway Paintball Field Rules

Goggles are to be worn at all times out on the playing field and on the target range. Never remove your goggles under any circumstances while in these areas. Never shoot at anyone not wearing goggles.

Barrel socks are required in all areas except the target range and playing field. Do not shoot or dry fire guns in the parking lot or staging area. Trigger guards are required.

Our staff has the right to inspect all personal equipment. Goggles must be approved for paintball.

Guns must not exceed 290 fps. Chronographs are located on the target range and with referees.

Semi-automatic shooting only. No ramping, no full auto, no burst modes.

Do not remove your goggles for any reason while on the playing field or in the target range. If you see anyone with his or her goggles off, call a referee and do not shoot at the player. Anyone caught on the playing field with their goggles off (for any reason) will be taken out of the game and made to sit out. This is their one warning.  If the player takes their goggles off a second time they will not be allowed to play again. No refunds will be given.

No shooting other players within 20 feet.

Look before you leap. Be aware of the rugged terrain. (hills, animal holes, trenches, fallen trees, water, rocks, etc.)

Do not climb up, crawl under, jump out of or walk on the fort walls. Enter or exit through the doorways only.

No smoking, food or beverages are allowed on the playing field. No firearms, knifes, hand or smoke grenades, claymores, trip wires, etc, are allowed on the playing field.

Please, no swearing or abusive language.

Report any injuries to our staff.

Do not shoot at the wildlife.

No hand to hand combat or fighting of any kind on the premises. All parties involved will be told to leave.

Any player cheating or acting in an unsportsmanlike manner will also be told to leave.

NO alcoholic beverages are allowed during the day’s play.

Do not modify or take our rental apart. Do not spray bug spray on the goggle lenses.

Boundaries are marked with colored tape. Do not cross or shoot across them.

Do not modify or take our rental equipment apart. Do not spray bug spray on or near the goggle lenses.

We allow players as young as 10 years old (9 Years old for low impact) as long as certain conditions are met. If you are under 18 years of age you must have a waiver form filled out by a parent or legal guardian.


Open game players can bring your own paintballs. Details:

  • No red fill paintballs

  • No winter fill paintballs

  • No paintballs that are too hard (we will decide on this)

  • No First Strike Rounds (FSR)

  • No selling of paintballs on our property

  • No advertising or promoting another business on our property